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An Economically Viable Environmentally Sustainable (EVES) community can provide themselves with electrical power, organic waste remediation, organic food production, and fresh water supply while providing sustainable solutions for sewage and other toxic wastes. We strive for symbiotic sustainability at the smaller community scale because it will grow to a global scale.

Mulch & Soil derived from organic waste
Organic mulch & soil


The symbiotically sustainable goal is to return health to soil, so that natural nutrient cycling and disease suppression mechanisms are present, allowing the desired plants to grow without requiring use of pesticides or inorganic fertilizers.  Current methods use chemicals; chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  The soil is ultimately contaminated using current methods.

Engineered soil providing 40% + water savings
Submersible Hydropower MegaWatt Power Plants
Sustainable power


Emerging technologies in clean energy production have been donated to Genesis Environmental: Small household units supply 10-100 kWh using Inertial Magneto Electric power all the way to large scale MegaWatt plants that can be submerged in water creating underwater hydro-electric power.  Clean energy is the main factor in a non-toxic environment.

Inertial Magneto Electric Power Units
Palm tree waste is filling up landfills at a rapid rate
Organic Horticulture/ agriculture


Plants that are fed properly have a strong immune system and don’t require the toxic dousing of pesticides we see in our current supply chain.  We also have the technology to make highly durable organic composite fiber from palm frond waste, currently treated as inorganic waste in landfills due to its durability and lack of common utility. Boards, stuccos, and composite shapes can be made.

Organic landscape and produce is returning