Economic Sustainability
through Eco-Innovation

We develop products and processes which provide customer and business value while significantly decreasing environmental impacts.


Passion. Innovation. Purpose.

Genesis Environmental is a forward thinking, charitable, non-profit organization, formed by people with the passion and skillset to modernize environmental business.

We are meeting environmental challenges by innovating technology with an eco-capitalist mindset. We manage food, waste, water & energy in such a way as to create revenue that sustains the community. 

Giving people purpose in caring for the earth, themselves, each other and their skills in environmental & economic sustainability is our goal.


Share the importance and simplicity of working for our environment and not against it.


Teach and implement common sense approaches that increase symbiosis between people and the planet.


Provide technology for organizations focusing on supporting the community and humanitarianism.


What We Do

We invest in environmental and social stability to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century through economic transformation.

Our focus on caring for the planet and supporting veterans through the environmental industries lead us to create a suite of green products and services using palm trimmings, soil engineering, food waste, and landscape waste.


Palm trimmings have tremendous value in a variety of building materials, but are thrown into landfills with trash due to the expense and damage they cause to chipping machinery while processing. 

Palm fronds and other common yard waste can be used to create organic consumer products.


The type of plant varies with the type of soil.  Apple trees naturally thrive in a different soil than grass (more fungal microbial life).

Having the right soil for plant life will save in water and energy cost.  Rossmoor Leisure World had a community that cut water use by nearly 50% in Walnut Creek, CA.


We provide dehydration equipment to restaurants and households for food waste and pick up their food waste to create life giving soil through a process that involves worm castings.


Treat with a variety of organic compounds and reapply as mulch to restore life and beauty to commercial and residential landscapes.



Our computer technology partner created and manages a utility that connects people and needed resources in real time. Implementation of this utility streamlines the process required to solve problems as they are reported. 

Whether it is an environmental problem or a veteran that needs assistance, work, training or care; this utility informs those that can help to begin directing resources immediately.  

This innovative technology allows communication between Genesis Environmental and transportation companies to reduce empty hauls to cut down on emissions and cost. 

Non-profit and for-profit eco-capitalists are able to share resources using this emerging hybrid technology to accomplish objectives that until now were too large for a small size non-profit but too small for most large business to pursue.  

Now, as these objectives are being accomplished, they both benefit the environment and provide a livable wage for Veterans as they transition back into our society.


Better Together

Genesis Environmental works with experts in the fields of organic waste remediation, soil engineering, organic plant growth, and emerging clean energy technologies.

By combining a suite of products and services that supports veteran employment in the environmental industries, we can create economic and environmental synergy.

Partnerships that bring value to our mission include companies and organizations that educate people who are responsible to care for the planet.

Genesis Environmental cultivates partnerships with a host of other like minded non-profit and for-profit companies, university professors, business professionals, and scientists.

These partnerships create an atmosphere of collaboration through the sharing of knowledge, resources, and business referrals. 

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